While in Portugal companies would always ask me to buy products and sometimes it took me two weeks searching for products and services. So I came up with an idea to connect businesses in a single platform providing the opportunity to SMEs to find products/services at the right price.

The vision is to connect all the companies in the world on a single platform. Pubid wants to be the leader marketplace on the B2B market helping SMEs find products, save money and expand their businesses. 

Our mission is to provide a solution to the B2B market, putting forward the best services focusing on costumer satisfaction and a trust worthy platform where companies can do business.

Our platform will connect companies using the hashtags technology, allowing a perfect connection between buyers and suppliers.

Join our monthly plan to improve the profile of your company making it more expose to buyers. 

A bidding process that cuts searching time and helps SMEs finding what they need.

A chat with calls and video calls, will be available for our costumers. 

Companies can post if they need investment on their company or project. 

Companies will be able to post detailed tickets of a project they will do. 

With the hashtag technology suppliers automatically receive a notification.